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Rock Drilling Accessories

Striking Bars
Drill Bits
Line Oilers / Lubricators
Drilling Rods / Drill Steel

Rock drilling isn’t just about massive machines and pieces of heavy-duty equipment. There are additional add-ons you need to get the job done. We at Carolina Drill Supply proudly carry a wide array of rock drilling accessories such as striking bars, drill bits, line oilers, lubricators, and drilling rods—everything you’ll need to meet your rock drilling and blasting needs. Our products are machined to work with your job requirements.

Our industrial drill bits and drilling rods are made with durable materials to ensure dependability while drilling and blasting. They’re highly suitable for explorative drilling through rock and stone. Keeping up with advanced technology, we sell male-to-female high-quality drill rods to help lower drilling costs. We also carry line oilers/lubricators and striking bars.

No matter the rock drilling tools or accessories you require, we have the items for you! Please contact our friendly team today if you have further questions regarding our rock drilling accessories.

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