Ripamonti Drilling Equipment

Ripamonti drilling equipment is highly respected within the excavation industry for its quality and dependability. Our selection at Carolina Drill Supply is sure to meet all your rock drilling requirements and needs. As a manufacturer, Ripamonti prioritizes high-quality customer support. Their equipment is capable of handling the toughest of jobs.

The Ripamonti Speedy Drill Series–180 is a drilling column with a pneumatic aluminum mast drill. It’s the perfect portable drill for remote locations, hillside drilling, or constantly shifting project sites. The Speedy Drill Series–180 is used with light drifters and DTH hammers and easily mounts on to specialized cradles or in tubular sledges.

We also carry the EX CAVA 1–4 and Speedy Drill Series–EX 230TH. For additional information or questions regarding our Ripamonti drilling equipment, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team here at Carolina Drill Supply.


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