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Rock Drill Rentals and Services


We’re currently renting two pieces of rock drilling equipment:

  • Pneumatic Speedy Drill 180HD 1800 tubular frame for hillside drilling, equipped with MFD90 or BBC120
  • Birdie 517 with rotary head, standalone tracked machine.


Discover our versatile rock drill machine rentals at Carolina Drill Supply. Our rental options include pneumatic rock drills that can be mounted on excavators and skid steers. Whether you require powerful drilling capabilities for excavation or precision in tight spaces, our rentals are designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to explore our range of rock drilling equipment available for rental.

Set Up & On-Site Training

A service we offer to our drill- buying customers is on-site installation and training. Please inquire as this service is subject to technician availability.


Coming soon and subject to technician availability. We are dedicated to ensuring your rock drilling equipment operates at its peak performance. Trust us to keep your drills running smoothly and efficiently.

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