We have the parts you need

...that aren’t even manufactured anymore.

We specialize in pneumatic parts from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. 

In addition, we work with some of the top manufacturers of OEM parts providing Ingersoll Rand and Gardner Denver parts.  We supply authentic parts, OEM parts and economical parts.

We are the North American distributor for Ripamonti – a line of drilling machines with top quality and top customer service.  Ripamonti is focused on producing acrobatic machines, micro poles and tie rods, excavator applications and stone quarry drilling units.

Ripamonti also has a series of products intended for controlled demolition with and without the use of explosives.

We are the South East distributor for WOLF Rock Drills. WOLF is a powerhouse line of drilling and blasting machines.  Their goal is to provide drilling machines made to get dirty, banged up, and worked tirelessly. 


Drilling Machines

Pneumatic and Hydraulic drilling machines - whole drill machines, excavator attachments, pneumatic feed rail attachments

Drilling Accessories

Down the hole hammers, drill steel, casing, bits, line oilers (lubricators), drifters

Drill Parts

Parts for S83, PR55, PR123, VL140, Vl120 Ingersoll Rand, Gardner Denver, WOLF, Ripamonti