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EX CAVA 1 – 4


NOTE: EX CAVA is available in configurations of 1-4. EX CAVA 1 = 1 drill mast, EX CAVA 2 = 2 drill masts, Etc. Please adjust the name in the “Product” field to the appropriate drill type when submitting your inquiry.

EX CAVA 2 is a hydraulic quarry drilling machine that can be mounted on an excavator ideal for squaring blocks in ornamental stone quarries.

The particular kinematics allows the dimensional stone drilling machine to drill holes in line with two to four drilling machines at a time, thus allowing great performance.

The machine has been designed to be placed first and then to find fine alignment on the cutting line. The remote control allows excellent visualization and extreme safety in the use of this quarry drilling machine. Excavators> 20 tons are required.


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