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MW5000 Air Crawler Drill


This kind of equipment (JUMBO) is recommended for opening and feed tunneling such as underground mining, where durability and reliance are necessary.

Offered in two models: MW-5000G and MW-5000EG (Extendible Boom).

These equipment (JUMBOS) as others from Wolf, are developed for high performance and versatility results. Is possible to work in horizontal and vertical drilling with surface drifter (top hammer) or Down The Hole hammer (DTH).

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MW5000, MW5000EG


Drill Specs/Details:

Feed motor, with high torque of 6cc and reduction feed with capacity of 7hp, using chain wing 100;

Gear Hydraulic Pump, easier to maintain, driven by vane motor.;

Powerful tramming motor 5cc (11 hp / 8,5 kw ) and hydraulic oscillating system permitting good mobility and traction even on rough terrain. The motors provide adequate power to climb slopes while towing a compressor;

Disc Break, spring-applied, hydraulically-released disc breakers are equally effective in forward or reverse.;

Rollers with lubrication unnecessary over an working life. Oil lubrication;

Wheel guides, avoiding derailment on tracks during the tramming;

Hoses existing in our equipment are done for high pressure, with pressed fittings, avoiding leakages and increasing their working life.

Hydraulic centralizer

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